A Capo’s Ride and Insurance

small__6332519710In the game Saint’s Row the Third, living a high-rolling gangster life isn’t easy. Everyday you’re faced with luchadores and Deckers out for your blood on a daily basis, not to mention the local cops and the as well as STAG (or the “Special Tactical Anti-Gang Unit”) are hot on your tail. There is competition to off, assassinations to be done, and bank heists to execute, all before breakfast.

But hey, thug life isn’t without its perks. You’ve got your homies who got your back, and gorgeous cribs to chillax in and call home. (or at least, Home #1, Home #2, and so on. ) You’re packing anti-tank heat, as well as the occasional flame thrower. Oh, and let’s not forget the collection of sweet, sweet rides in your garage.

So, owning a brand-new car might be as easy as throwing its driver out and speeding away on it, but wouldn’t you want to take good care of it too? Be it a powerful Bloody Cannoness motorcycle or a Nyte Blade ride, it could use some good car insurance. Show your love for your ride with some great coverage — and maybe some ill rims.

photo credit: THQ Insider via photopin cc